9 Best Kayak Carts, Wheels, And Dollies

Kayak carts are a great way to save your hands when you’re loading the watercraft to the top of your vehicle and transporting your kayak across the land.

They’re strong and sturdy, yet lightweight. The best part is that many of them are made for rolling while you’re carrying the kayak. These 9 kayak dollies are popular for their versatile designs and high-quality materials.

Each kayak trolley provides a different solution to the problems that you’re going to run into when you try to bring your kayak up on the roof of your vehicle. Read on to find out more about these best-selling options.

best kayak cart
Our Top Pick

Bonnlo Kayak Cart

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Foldable
  • No toxic smell
  • Budget-friendly and low-maintenance
  • All-terrain Cart
  • Badly designed kickstand

Our Verdict

The Bonnlo Kayak Cart is a perfect choice for your kayaking needs. It has all the necessary features and extras without having to break the bank!

The only downside of this cart is that It has one of those poorly designed kickstands so it can be difficult at times for you trying to get your kayak on top of the cart.

But it’s not enough to stop us from recommending this product as the best kayak cart on the market.

Bonnlo Kayak Cart is the best kayak cart overall. Because it has all the necessary qualities and then some, and it’s also budget-friendly.

TMS Adjustable Kayak Truck Rack is the best affordable kayak cart. Because it is a good low-cost cart with good features.

Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart is the best heavy-duty cart. Because it can carry up to 450 lbs (unrivaled capacity) and it’s very heavy-duty. It even looks like some kind of mini-war machine.

ABN Universal Kayak Cart is the most lightweight kayak cart. It weighs only 8 lbs.

RAILBLAZA Ctug is the best all-terrain kayak cart.

Bonnlo Beach Balloon is the best kayak cart for sand terrain.

Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Cart is the best kayak cart for rocky terrain.

Bonnlo Scupper Kayak Cart is the best scupper/plug-in cart.

Suspenz Airless END Kayak Cart is the best end cart.

Kayak Carts Types

There are three kayak cart types you will find in general. They all satisfy different needs and their functions are very different from each other.

Kayak Strap Cart/ Center Cart

Strap carts are the most popular and commonly used dolly that can carry all types of kayaks. In this cart, you put your kayak on top of the dolly in a center position and strap it like you would on your kayak roof rack.

Just make sure the straps are tight. The main benefit of the strap cart is that the wheels themselves support all the kayak weight, you just have to guide it.

Kayak Scupper Cart/ Plug-in Cart

The Scupper cart is built with Sit on top kayaks in mind. In a scupper cart, you find the scupper holes in your sit-on-top kayak and adjust your dolly axle according to the kayak scupper holes’ width.

Like the strap carts, it also supports all the weight. And like most kayak trolleys, it is compact.

So storing this in your kayak hull. But the downside of this dolly is that when you connect the dolly to the kayak, you have to tilt the kayak on its side.

And that causes the gear you stored in your kayak to fall on the ground.

Kayak End Cart

The end cart is a small cart that is used in the back of your kayak, making it a wagon that you have to pull. It doesn’t support your kayak weight that much.

You are the one who has to do the majority of the support of the kayak. It’s the reason people tend to avoid this dolly.

What to look for when buying a kayak cart?

When choosing the best cart for your kayak, you might make mistakes. So, to help you with this problem, here is our buying guide-

Weight Limit

The first thing you need to remember when buying a kayak trolley is the weight of your kayak.

Generally, you will not have to worry about the capacity because kayak wheels are made to carry kayaks. But the transportation needs to be secure too.

That’s why we always recommend that you only use 75% of the weight capacity mentioned by the manufacturers for safety measures.

For example, if your kayak is 150 lbs go for a 200 lbs capacity dolly.


The structure of a cart itself is a huge factor when considering buying a cart.

If you are kayaking in freshwater then go for steel but if you are kayaking in saltwater go for the aluminum ones because salt and steel will make reactions.

But nowadays it doesn’t matter that much because most dolly frames are made of aluminum.

And now the most important matter of structure is foldability. After you carry your kayak to the water, then what will you do.

You might not want to take the dolly back to the car and you definitely don’t want to keep the dolly at the landing spot, it might get stolen.

And that’s why manufacturers introduced the foldability option or in some cases, super fast disassembly.

After folding down you can fit the cart into your kayak hatches. So, keep in mind if the cart is foldable or not.


Another reason you have to keep in mind the place you will kayak is because of the wheels. Different cartwheels are made for different terrains.

Like the air-filled wheels are good for sandy areas while the solid (airless) wheels are good for rocky and hard terrains. Solid wheels are also low-maintenance and good for most terrains.

So, you will have to buy according to your kayaking place or you can buy a balanced one if you are not sure where you will kayak.

The width of the wheels also makes a difference in transporting your kayak. If you have a wider wheel, you can go through all of the challenging terrains.

On the other hand, if you have a thinner wheel, you can have problems while transporting your kayak.


The weight of a cart is not that important compared to the rest of the factors. But it still might be important for people who don’t want to pull that much weight.

And if you are one of these people then don’t look for heavy-duty trolleys, they are often heavy, instead, go for the lightweight strap ones.

Best Kayak Cart Overall

Bonnlo Kayak Cart

The Bonnlo Kayak Cart is a versatile cart that helps you transport your kayaks in style.

It has an easy-to-use, lightweight aluminum frame, and solid 10″ x 3” wide PU tires which have been designed for maximum shock absorption so they won’t damage the kayak.

With a carrying capacity of 165lbs, this dolly can easily handle all types of watercraft without feeling too top-heavy on uneven terrain – making transportation much more manageable than before with its help.

The 3″ width on the Bonnlo tire will provide you with ample surface area for a standard kayak.

And the solid rubber wheels will provide you with cost-free low maintenance but you have to remember that these are more likely to cut into soft sand when transporting heavy kayaks over a beach.

The Bonnlo is also an easy-to-carry and convenient kayak dolly that can easily be folded up. With the removal of one lynchpin, you can slip off its tires and store it in your canoe hull or your car.

There aren’t any bad things about this dolly. But the kickstand of the dolly might cause you inconvenience.

The kickstand is badly designed for uneven terrain. Sometimes when the dolly hits a rock it collapses down. It can be a pain in the butt.

The Bonnlo Kayak Cart is a great option for anyone who needs to transport their kayaks or canoes.

It also comes fully fitted with foam pads, so you won’t scratch the surface of your precious vessel, and two 12 ft long tie-down straps that will hold it securely in place no matter what size boat it’s taking. It will give you a long-lasting service.

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  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Foldable
  • No toxic smell
  • Budget-friendly and low-maintenance
  • All-terrain Cart
  • Badly designed kickstand

Best Affordable Kayak Cart


T-Motorsport is a brand well-known for creating outdoor equipment at a low cost without compromising any quality. KY001 is also no exception.

It is made of aluminum alloy that can hold 150 lbs according to TMS. But for a long-lasting life of the cart, we recommend a maximum of 120 lbs carrying capacity.

This should be more than enough for most kayaks and canoes out there. It is sturdy and has foam cushions to protect your kayak from scratches and damage during transportation.

TMS KY001 has pneumatic tires which are flat-free. But it doesn’t mean that puncturing the wheels is impossible but rather difficult.

So, you have to pump the tires occasionally. We recommend 30psi for pumping. The tires are 3.5 inches wide.

So, you won’t have any problem taking it through rocky or sandy terrains. It is also foldable for easy storage.

It is a very good and lightweight kayak dolly overall but it has one little problem. That is the cartwheels have a strong toxic smell which is not uncommon.

So, if you very much hate the smell you should buy the Bonnlo one because they openly say that Bonnlo Carts don’t have any kind of chemical smell. But the value, it provides at such a low cost is pretty amazing.

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  • Very Low-cost
  • Aluminum-built
  • All-terrain Cart
  • Foldable
  • Have toxic smell

Best Kayak Heavy-duty Cart

Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart

Wilderness Systems designed their kayak cart with the specific intention of creating a means to haul heavy-duty, bulky kayaks. With an unrivaled 450 lbs weight capacity we have not found another option that comes close!

And the funny thing is the entire package weighs only about 13lbs so it’s no wonder why this was Paddling Magazine’s 2018 winner in the “best transport/storage/launching” category.

This heavy-duty dolly frame is made of heat-treated aluminum alloy and it is set on two non-puncture airless 12″ wheels to create a stable, strong platform capable of safely carrying heavy kayaks.

Also, the width can be adjusted as well as the height (from 16″ to 18″). This will shift your center of gravity when you put different boat designs together so there is no risk involved with this new invention!

And one of the most amazing things about this dolly is that Wilderness System sells beach balloon tires for this model separately.

So, you will have to pay some extra costs. But then it will be any terrain cart. Then, if you go to sandy shores you can swap the solid tires with the balloon tires.

But the drawback of the dolly is that it is very heavy as it is made for carrying the heaviest types of kayaks and canoes. You may have some problems carrying the cart but if you have a heavy kayak, it will be the best option for you.

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  • Heavy-duty cart
  • 450 lbs capacity
  • Adjustable height and width
  • Made of heat-treated aluminum alloy
  • All-terrain cart
  • Heavy
  • Have to buy extra balloon wheels

Best Kayak Cart for All Terrain

RAILBLAZA Ctug Kayak Cart

The C-Tug from Railblaza kayak and canoe cart is a top-of-the-line, rugged design kayak wheels that will happily haul your boat up to 300 pounds.

This lightweight yet durable cart has noncorroding engineering polymers. So, you can spend years without worrying about rusting or corrosion.

It features flat-free solid tires with high grip rubber threads. Therefore, you can use it on any kind of terrain.

It also comes with some accessories like a kickstand with an instant lock, adjustable hull pads, and straps to secure your kayak.

The kickstand locks your kayak wheels in a stable position so that you don’t have to face problems when loading the kayak on the cart. And the adjustable hull pads are there to help fit any kind of kayak or canoe on the dolly.

And lastly, you will have no problem disassembling the cart in seconds without any tools. Then you will have no problem storing this 10-pound cart in your kayak hull or in your car. The Railblaza C-tug is one of our top choices for its design and usefulness.

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  • Stylish & Budget-friendly
  • 300lbs capacity
  • All-terrain Cart
  • Kickstand included
  • Not foldable but dismantles quickly

Best Kayak Cart for Soft Sand

Bonnlo Beach Balloon Kayak Cart

The Bonnlo Kayak Cart with Beach Balloon Tires is built with the same frame as the model discussed above from Bonnlo. But this one has balloon tires.

The 2mm aluminum piping makes it just like any other kayak dolly but at 13.87 pounds it weighs roughly 5 more pounds than the solid one because well, it has rubber tires that are big and heavy. And it can carry up to 165 lbs max.

Like the solid Bonnlo one, it can be disassembled quickly. But the problem you will face is the tires. You see, the tires are too big to store in your kayak hull.

So, you will have to carry it to your car for safety or you can hide it at the launch point while you are on the water. The cart also comes with some accessories like straps and a tire pump for pumping the tires.

The Bonnlo Beach Balloon Kayak Cart is here to fulfill a specific type of need. That is that it is suitable for the sandy beach. But the disadvantage is that it can’t go on rocky terrain. If you go kayaking on a beach, then it should be your best choice.

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  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Foldable
  • Installed foam pads
  • Only for soft sands
  • Too big tires

Best Kayak Cart for Rocky Terrain

Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Cart

The DLX Cart from Suspenz is a great choice for you if your kayaking launch point is rocky terrain. Rocky terrain is DLX’s specialty because of the solid tires it has.

The 10-inches tires are also airless, which means they will never go flat. And there are rubber pads where the boat will rest for cushioning and safety from scratches.

This dolly frame is made of aluminum which will assure you about corrosion and rusting. This cart also folds down to nothingness so that you can carry it in a small bag or store it in your kayak hull once you are in the water.

It is also lightweight only weighing around 10 lbs although it has a carrying capacity of 125 pounds. That means you won’t have a problem with most of the kayak weight.

The DLX, at an affordable price, is our best choice for going over rocky terrain.

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  • Aluminum made
  • Flat-free solid tires
  • Foldable
  • Not for beach

Best Lightweight Kayak Cart

ABN Universal Kayak Cart

The ABN Universal Kayak Cart is a fantastic way to transport your kayak from the car to the water. This kayak wheel is very lightweight weighing only 8 lbs and yet sturdy.

It is made of high-strength anodized steel and with a 200 lbs weight capacity, it makes it perfect for transporting larger kayaks.

The tires of this dolly are pneumatic tires. That means it can get punctured but it is also easy to inflate. And being 9.5 inches knobby tires, it has enough surface area for bigger kayaks.

Also, the terrain compatibility of this cart is not that bad. It can go through any surface with ease but it might be a problem in sandy areas as sharp sands may cut the pneumatic tires.

The ABN universal also has some extra features like being able to fold down with one lynchpin for storing it in a backpack.

And it also has a spring-loaded kickstand for quick and easy loading. Once it is loaded you also don’t have to worry about kayak scratches because it has rubber pads.

ABN Universal is a lightweight, foldable, budget-friendly all-terrain kayak cart and it performs really well.

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  • Very lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Spring-loaded kickstand
  • Beware of sharp sands

Best Scupper/Plug-in Cart

Bonnlo Scupper Kayak Cart

If you have a sit-on-top kayak, then a scupper cart may be the best choice for you. And a scupper dolly is made only for sit-on-top kayaks and it isn’t compatible with any other kayaks.

In the Scupper Dolly category, this scupper cart from Bonnlo is our top choice.

The dolly is made of aluminum frames and has a capacity of 120 lbs. The frames also can be folded down and stored in a bag or kayak hull.

And the tires can be removed with just one lunch pin. And in the frame, where the kayak will rest have a safety cushion from the scratches.

The most important part of a dolly is its tires and which terrain they can traverse around. The Bonnlo Scupper has solid airless tires which are best for hard terrains.

But you may have to go through a sandy surface. In that case, don’t worry as they are solid tires, they won’t get punctured anytime soon.

With the increasing popularity of sit-on-top kayaks, a scupper cart may make the difference.

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  • Best for sit-on-top kayaks
  • Aluminum-built
  • Foldable
  • All-terrain cart
  • Only for kayaks with scupper holes

Best END Cart

Suspenz Airless END Kayak Cart

If the end cart is your goto choice then the airless END cart from Suspenz should cover your need. It is a standard END cart. The aluminum-built body will resist rust and corrosion.

It is also very sturdy with a carrying capacity of 150 lbs although you are the one who has to pull most of the weight of the kayak.

The tires of this dolly are airless means you won’t have to worry about flat tires. And being a solid tire, it can go through any terrain.

And the frame of the dolly is also very wide making it easy for loading larger kayaks. You can also adjust the frame height of the dolly. About the portability option, unfortunately, you can’t fold this cart but you can disassemble the cart quickly.

END carts might not be the first choice for everybody but the Suspenz Airless END cart tried its best to bring them back to life.

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  • Aluminum-built
  • Flat-free tires
  • All-terrain cart
  • You have to do the heavy-liftings
Our Recommendation

Bonnlo Kayak Cart

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Foldable
  • No toxic smell
  • Budget-friendly and low-maintenance
  • All-terrain Cart
  • Badly designed kickstand

Our Verdict

The Bonnlo Kayak Cart is a perfect choice for your kayaking needs. It has all the necessary features and extras without having to break the bank!

The only downside of this cart is that It has one of those poorly designed kickstands so it can be difficult at times for you trying to get your kayak on top of the cart.

But it’s not enough to stop us from recommending this product as the best kayak cart on the market.

FAQs about Kayak Carts

What is a kayak dolly?

Many people who own kayaks, know that when it’s time to load or unload your boat from the car you need a way of getting it up on dry land. Well luckily for these folks there is this nifty little invention called “The Kayak Dolly”.

In kayaking, a kayak dolly is a boat cart that you can use to move your watercraft from one place to another. The wheels on the dolly make it easier for the user to push their kayak along greasy or muddy terrain where there is no path.

Kayak dollies attach easily to most types of kayaks with two simple hook and loop straps. In most cases, the dolly consists of a plastic or metal frame with two wheels attached to it.

The kayak sits in the middle of these wheels. And when you are not using it, in most kayak carts, the cart can be folded down for your convenience.

Kayak dollies help people overcome many of the problems that come with using kayaks.

Some people feel that a kayak will be too much work to move from one place to another because it is difficult to lift and carry the boat on their own, especially when they are in hilly areas.

Others do not want to get their kayak or boat muddy by dragging them through water or mud that may be present on the way. When you use a kayak dolly, you do not have to lift your boat onto your shoulders and carry it around.

You also do not have to get the bottoms of the kayak or boat dirty on your way home, as they are sitting on the dolly instead of on the ground.

This means that you will not have to spend time washing your boat or kayak after every use. A kayak dolly also helps to protect your boat’s hull from any damage that could occur if it were dragged over gravel or other sharp objects.

Kayak dollies are a great way to quickly and easily transport your watercraft around, as well as help preserve the life of your kayak.

Who should buy a kayak cart and Why would someone want to buy a kayak cart?

A kayak cart is a transportation solution that allows you to carry your kayak over any type of ground. It only takes seconds and there is no easier way for anyone to move their boat anywhere they want it.

The people that will benefit from buying a kayak cart are beginners who have no idea how to move their boats over longer distances without hurting themselves.

They can also use kayak carts for transporting or storing the kayaks, or when moving them from place to place or simply just aid the kayaker in helping them get their kayak onto or off the water.

Another group of people that will really benefit from the use of the kayak cart is seniors and disabled people, who tend to have problems moving their boats for distances longer than 20 yards.

With a kayak cart you can take your boat anywhere you want it with just one shoulder push. You won’t even need to bend your back and risk getting back pain.

The kayak cart is designed to be compact and it will fit in any car or truck with ease. There is no need for ramps or trailers, the product weighs only 25 pounds which makes it very light too.

So who should buy a kayak cart? The answer is simple: everyone! Everyone will benefit from the use of a kayak cart regardless if they are male or female, young or old.

It is definitely one of those things you must have in your kayaking gear arsenal if you want to keep yourself safe and keep moving forward towards your goals.

How much does a kayak cart cost? 

A Kayak cart costs between 50$ to 200$, with the average kayak cart costing 100$. 

The low-cost kayak carts are basic. They can get the job done but they are not very reliable and they don’t have any extra features that might help you.

Normally, the more the price of a kayak rack is, the more useful features it has. The features include foldability, high capacity, Aluminum structure, wheels that support all-terrain, etc.

So, if you are the kind of person that kayaks once in a while, you should buy the cheaper ones and save a lot of money. But if you are passionate about kayaking and do it regularly, then the higher price or medium price ones will be worth it 

Can you use a kayak cart for other activities besides transporting your kayaks?

Yes, you can use a kayak cart for other activities besides transporting your kayaks. For example, in the winter you can store your kayaks on the cart and leave them in your garage when they are not being used.

You can also easily transport the kayak indoors using a boat dolly or kayak carrier. Some people even use their kayak carts to transport their kayaks up and down the stairs.

This is an inexpensive way to get your kayaks up and down stairs without too much trouble.

Kayak carts are very versatile tools. You can use them in any way you can imagine. They will make your life a lot easier.

Is it difficult to assemble the cart?

No, It is very easy to assemble the cart. The instructions are very clear, and it will take less than 15 minutes.

And also No special instruments are needed because this kayak cart is very easy to figure out how to put together. You should not have a problem using it.

Are kayak carts compatible with different types of kayaks?

Generally, Some carts work with most kayaks and others do not. Kayak carts are not designed to tow kayaks of different shapes and sizes.

They will carry only “traditional” kayak shapes at their most inflated or shrunk levels. If you need a different type of kayak for paddling, such as a rowing boat, sit on top, or inflatable, you will need to find another way of transporting them.

There are also special types of carts that can carry special types of kayaks. For example, there are Scupper Carts/ Plug-in carts for carrying sit-on-top kayaks.

Can you transport more than one kayak on your cart at once?

Yes. If you have more than one kayak, but only one cart, then it’s possible! You just need to know how to adjust the cart correctly.

When you’re putting the kayaks on the cart, keep in mind that one end of each kayak will be sliding off. Make sure to distribute the weight evenly by having the other kayak’s end hanging over your shoulder (if that’s where it is).

You won’t be able to use this method if both ends are hanging off of the cart.

Can you adjust the height of the kayak cart?

Yes, the height of a cart can be adjusted on most kayak carts. Maybe not on all of them, though! So just check beforehand if it’s possible to do so.

If you’re having trouble finding information online about how it can be adjusted, you should be able to try out your kayak cart at an actual store before buying it.

How do you adjust the height?

The height can be adjusted by having the wheels higher or lower than normal. If you just want to go pick something up at the store while carrying your kayaks, then readjusting your kayak cart isn’t necessary.

But if you’re also carrying other equipment, it might be helpful to have your cart at its lowest setting.

Pros and Cons of using a kayak cart

If you’re a kayaker and need to transport your kayak, then you might be considering the use of a cart to do so. This is an important decision that can have both benefits and drawbacks.

In this section, we will explore some of the pros and cons that accompany using a cart for transporting your kayak so you can make an informed decision about how best to manage this task. 

Carts are often lighter than carrying the boat on foot or by hand, which means it’s easier to transport your boat without getting tired out before even arriving at its destination.

A cart also provides greater stability when transporting boats because they don’t slip around like they would if being carried or dragged over rough terrain, which helps protect the kayak from damage.

Plus, carts make it easier for carrying large or heavy kayaks because they provide greater leverage than would otherwise be possible.

Carts also allow you to transport your boat with ease up and down hills (it’s often hard to carry a fully-loaded boat uphill), or other terrains that would easily defeat an unaided person.

Finally, using a cart will help you avoid scrapes and scratches that may result from carrying or dragging your kayak over difficult terrain.

A downside of carts is that they take up room in the car or truck bed, which means it might be necessary to collapse or remove them before driving somewhere.

This can be an inconvenience when heading out to the boat launch.

Also, some kayaks are so long that they can’t be transported by hand (this is especially true of sea kayaks), which means it’s necessary to get another vehicle or rent a trailer if you want or need to transport an extra-large or extra-long kayak.

The Bottom Line is Using a kayak cart for transporting your kayak can be an easy and convenient way to make sure your boat gets from point A to point B without getting damaged or breaking down.

  • A cart saves time and energy by allowing a person to easily transport their kayak from one location to another without necessarily needing someone else’s help
  • Kayaks are able to fit onto the cart with the help of special straps, which keeps them secure during travel
  • Carts can be portable and collapse for storage purposes
  • Carts prevent kayaks from getting scratched or damage
  • Not all kayaks fit on top of a cart
  • It can be difficult to transport a kayak if you are traveling solo and the kayak is very heavy (meaning you will have to drag the cart)
Our Recommendation

Bonnlo Kayak Cart

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Foldable
  • No toxic smell
  • Budget-friendly and low-maintenance
  • All-terrain Cart
  • Badly designed kickstand

Our Verdict

The Bonnlo Kayak Cart is a perfect choice for your kayaking needs. It has all the necessary features and extras without having to break the bank!

The only downside of this cart is that It has one of those poorly designed kickstands so it can be difficult at times for you trying to get your kayak on top of the cart.

But it’s not enough to stop us from recommending this product as the best kayak cart on the market.

If you are wondering what is the best kayak rack. Visit our kayak rack section for more kayak rack guides.